Dr. Martin Luther King


Dr. Martin Luther King Web Hunt


On the third Monday in January, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. Below are questions that will help you learn more about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The questions are grouped in sections, which have links to where you can find your answers. Start by doing the questions you find the most interesting. Good Luck! Print out the worksheet here.


1. When was Martin Luther King born?

2. What happened on December 1, 1955?

3. What event in Alabama happened on March 12, 1967?

4. What was Martin Luther King's nickname?

5. After college, Martin returned home to preach about what with his "Daddy?"


6. What was Martin Luther King's wifes name? How many children did they have?

7. What is the title of King's most famous speech? Where did he give this speech?


8. In 1948, where did Martin Luther King graduate from college?

9. What happened on December 10, 1964?

10. When and where was Dr. King assassinated?
11.  Who assassinated him?

12. What happened on January 18, 1986?


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