Christmas Around the World Web Hunt

 Christmas Around the World

Christmas is celebrated in many different ways in other countries.  Each picture below is a link to find your answers.  Click on each link to learn about Christmas around the world.  Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!


1.  Santa asks a question when he knocks on the door on Christmas
Eve in Finland. What does he ask? 
2. What do people in Ireland celebrate on the day after Christmas?
3. What famous Christmas song was written in Austria? 
4.  In Scotland it is bad luck to let the fire go out on
Christmas Eve - why? 
5. Caroling is popular in Wales and carolers are often accompanied
by what instrument?  
6.  The "Kissing Ball" symbolizes what in Canada?  




Nearly every French home at Christmastime displays something,
which serves as the focus for the Christmas celebration.  What is it? 

  8. What decorations do people in China hang on their
Christmas trees?
9.  On what day do people in Egypt celebrate Christmas? 
  10. Why do people in Norway put out a bowl of rice porridge
for the barn elf?
  11. In Germany, what is the main day when families exchange presents?
  12. What do the 12 dishes served at the traditional Christmas
Eve dinner in Poland represent?
  13. What kind of trees are decorated at Christmas time in India? 
  14. In Holland, what do children leave in their shoes as a gift
for Sinterklaas's horse?
  15.  Latvians claim to be the first to use Christmas trees.  In what
year was the first documented use of a Christmas tree in Latvia?
16.  What is often eaten on Christmas Day in Japan?  
17.  A Russian tradition is to ________ on Christmas Eve until the
first star has appeared in the sky. 
  18.  What is the main Christmas celebration called in Mexico?
19.  In England, what do they call the gift giver (Santa)?  
What does he wear?
  20. What is the weather like during Christmas in Australia?
  21.  In Italy, how long is the Christmas season and when
does it start? 
22. In Belgium, the Christmas celebration has two Santa figures.  
What are their names and why are there two?
  23.  Name two popular decorations for the nativity scene in
Costa Rica.
  24.  What is the mischievous Christmas elf called in Denmark?
  25.  Christmas in Sweden begins on December 13th with
what ceremony?