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Welcome to Portable One's first grade webpage.

My name is Erica Flynn.  I have been teaching with the Omaha Public Schools since 2001.  Since this time I have been teaching first grade at Bancroft Elementary.  I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa with my parents,  Rick and Donna and my two older sisters Christine and Nicole.  I came to Omaha to attend College of Saint Mary where I played volleyball and softball.  I completed my masters degree in reading education from the Universtiy of Nebraska Omaha in 2005.  I have been married to my husband, Ryan since July of 2006.   We had our first child, Raymond in July of 2007. 



Science:  We will be discussing what germs are, how they make us sick and how we can keep our bodies healthy. 

Social Studies: Martin Luther King Jr. was very important to our countries history.  We will be discussing his life and the kind of character he showed during his life.  We we also talk about things that we can do to show that we have good character.



Science: We will be discussing and experimenting with what is man-made and what is earth material.  We will be learning how the earth has changed over history.

Dental health is also very important and we will be learning how and why we need to take care of our teeth.  Your child will be given a calendar for this month that if it is filled out for morning and night brushing they will be given a reward.

Social Studies: We have had many great presidents in our nation's history and this month we celebrate president's day.  Not only will be do special project on Lincoln's birthday (February 12th) and Washington's birthday (February 22nd) we will be learning about the how we pick a president and some of the things that the president does for their job.


Science: This month we learn about what is similar and what is different between solids, liquids and gases.  We learn how to change one state of matter to another.  We also discuss what happens to the molecules when this change happens.  We play with gases by blowing bubbles and we try and figure out what Ooblek is. 


Social Studies: Want and needs are the subject for this month.  What is really the difference between something that you need and something that you want? 

We will also be learning how to read and create a map.  North, South, East and West are difficult to learn so start practicing now.