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Welcome to Bancroft Art grades Kindergarten - Sixth grade

Welcome to Bancroft Art  Kindergarten - Sixth grade

Bancroft Art


Thank you for stopping by to view the Bancroft Elementary Art Web page.  My name is Mrs. Woods, M.Ed.  

About Bancroft's Art Department:

Bancroft students are GREAT!!!  Our student body is made-up of a culturally diverse population.  Over 90% of the student population is free/ reduced lunch and over 80% of the student population is non-white.  

The Art Department serves over 690 students a week.  
Each student has a session of Art once a week for 50 minutes.  During this session, 20 minutes of Art is set aside for introduction, instruction, demonstration and clean-up, while the other 30 minutes of Art is for student production. 

My Art lessons are designed to seamlessly infuse 
Multi-culturalism, Diversity, Equality and Respect into the lesson.  In addition, the Art lesson consist of the following theories and CORE subjects: Elements of Art, Principles of Art, Art History, Art Criticism, Math, Language Arts and Science.  

It takes approximately 4 to 6 sessions of Art for students to complete an Art project.  As you view the students work within the Bancroft Art web page, you will see the students do a
TREMENDOUS JOB with the short time of 30 minutes per week.

Mrs. Woods, MEd, BSAE, AA, ESLc
Art Education Curriculum Specialist

Senora Woods, MEd, BSAE, AA ESLc
Especialista en curriculo de educación artística