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Bancroft Administration - Principal: Mr. Milan and Assistant Principal: Mr. Kosch

Bancroft Administration

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Bancroft went to the Omaha Beef game on Friday, March 2.  Congratulations to the school's choir for a job well done singing the national anthem.  Students, parents and staff showed their Bronco Pride.  Great FUN had by all.  Gooooo Broncos!!!   

Also, congratulations to our Boy's Basketball team for an undefeated season.  Hip Hip Hooray! to Coach Williams and the boys' B-Ball team.      

We are eagerly preparing for another important time of year, Parent Teacher Conferences.  It is our sincere hope for myself and your classroom teacher to see you and your child at conferences.  We want to share with you the positive progress your child has made and strategies that will help your child to continue to be their very best.

Also, we would like to invite your attention to our upcoming events.  Here are a few of the events for this month:

Mar 7       Parent Teacher Conferences, 4:30 to 7:30 pm

Mar 8      Parent Teacher Conferences, noon to 7:30 pm

Mar 9-18 Spring Break

After Spring Break, we welcome you to stop in and see your child or their classroom teacher.  Thank you for your efforts to encourage your child to do their best.  We are truly thankful for each of our students and we look forward to their continued accomplishments, achievements and growth this upcoming year.

We hope you have an enjoyable Spring Break.  At Bancroft, we are Responsible, Safe, Respectful & Kind.

Mr. David Milan
Bancroft Elementary School Principal


Dear Bancroft Families,

After a rigorous second quarter and a relaxing holiday break, we anticipate the arrival of your child for third quarter.

A​s we move into third quarter, keep in mind statewide testing is near.  Please, remind your child to eat well and get enough rest in the evening, so their bright minds will be ready to do an outstanding job while testing.  We believe in your child's growth, both socially and academically.  

At Bancroft, we are Safe, Responsible, Respectful and Kind. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you and your child this upcoming year.

Mr. Paul Kosch
Bancroft Elementary School Assistant Principal

OPS Approved Human Growth & Development Curriculum.  Click here to view the curriculum.

OPS aprobaron el currículo de Crecimiento y Desarrollo Humano.  Haga clic aquí para ver el currículo.

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