6th Grade

6th Grade

Big 6+ Inquiry Process:

Big 6+ Inquiry Process

1st-Task Definition/Questioning

*What topics do I find interesting for this project?

*What do I already think I know about this topic? 

*How does this connect with my life, what I’ve read or watched?

*What do I need to know for this project?

*What do I think would be interesting to know?

*What is the purpose of my research?

*What are the requirements for my final product?

** Use Inspiration to diagram your questions on your topic

2nd-3rd -Information Seeking & Location and Access

*What are all of the possible sources for finding this information?

*What search strategies can I use to find info?

*Who can help me access this information?

*What do I need to be able to access this information?

*How can I tell which sources are best for me to use?

*How do I make sure I am looking at the big picture?

**Use the CARS Source Evaluation Checklist -Click Here

4th -Use of Information

*What are the main ideas?  What evidence supports them?

*How does the information compare between sources?

*Have I found enough accurate information to answer all of my questions?

*What other questions have I discovered?

*How will I record and organize the information that I find?

*How will I give credit to my sources?

5th -Synthesis and Sharing

*What did I learn while conducting my research?

*How does this compare to what I knew before?

*What conclusions can I make based off of my research?

*What is the best format for me to hare my new learning with my teacher or class?

*Are my findings clear to my audience in my final product?

*What steps do I need to take to create a final product I can be proud of?

*Does my project/product include all the required elements?

6th -Self-Evaluation

*Was I able to answer my research question?  Why/Why not?

*Which source was the most useful for this project?  Why?

*What areas of the inquiry/research process did I do well?

*What was the most challenging aspect of this project?

*Am I satisfied that I did my best on my final product?

*What advice would I give to students next year?