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Presidential Inauguration

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 1. What is an inauguration?


 2. When is it?


 3. What is the oath of office?

 4 Who was the youngest President-elect at the time of his inauguration?

 5. When was the first televised inauguration?

 6. Who was the first president to give the shortest speech at an inauguration?


 7. Who was the first president to be inaugurated in Washington, D.C.?


 8. Who delivered the longest inaugural speech?


 9 Whose inauguration day had the coldest weather?


10. Who was the first President to ride to and from his inaugural in an automobile?


11. All but six presidents took the presidential oath in Washington, D.C.-- who were 
they and where did they take their oath?


12. What Amendment to the Constitution changed the inaugural date to January 20? 
When was it passed?


13. The oath is taken with a hand upon a Bible, opened to a passage of the president-elect's choice. Each president has chosen a different passage. What President’s oath was the only one not sworn in on a Bible?


14. Who was the last President to be inaugurated on March 4 (3/4/1933) and the first 
president to be inaugurated on January 20 (1/20/37)?


15. What happens when Inauguration Day falls on a Sunday?

  *Color the Presidential Seal