First Grade Content Standards


01     Orally segment and blend words.
02     Use letter sound relationships and common word patterns to recognize words.
03     Read grade-level materials fluently.
04     Read high frequency words.
05     Use a variety of strategies to develop vocabulary.
06     Read and comprehend fiction and nonfiction texts to demonstrate  understanding.
07     Summarize a story using literary elements.
08     Self-select and independently read fiction and nonfiction materials.
09     Write the key elements of a story.
10     Use the writing process (pre-write, write, revise/edit, publish) to communicate.
11     Write legibly using standard manuscript letter formations.
12     Speak in clear, complete, coherent sentences using standard English.
13     Gain information and complete tasks through listening.
14     Explore likenesses and differences of various cultures and customs.


01     Communicate the meaning of numbers 1-100.
02     Identify fractional parts (1/2, 1/3, 1/4).
03     Solve one-digit addition and subtraction problems.
04     Estimate and compare solutions to mathematical problems.
05     Measure and compare objects using both standard and nonstandard units.
06     Demonstrate knowledge of time and money.
07     Identify, describe, draw, and recognize geometric shapes in the environment.
08     Organize and interpret data using a variety of graphs and charts.
09     Classify objects and create and record patterns.


01     Examine problems using scientific inquiry.
02     Integrate unifying concepts and processes in science experiences.
03     Observe and describe physical properties of materials.
04     Investigate and describe characteristics of living things.
05     Recognize and classify earth materials.

Focus - School and Family Communities

01     CULTURE -  Identify the elements of families and culture.
02     HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY - Recognize characteristics of urban and rural communities.
          Demonstrate an awareness of current events.
          Demonstrate an awareness of globes and simple maps.
03     ECONOMICS - Describe how making choices allows people to satisfy their basic needs and wants.
          Participate as a team member.
          Accept responsibility for actions.
          Follow school rules.