Fifth Grade Content Standards


01     Use a variety of strategies to read unfamiliar words.
02     Read grade-level materials fluently.
03     Use strategies to develop vocabulary.
04     Read and comprehend fiction to demonstrate understanding.
05     Read and comprehend nonfiction to demonstrate understanding.
06     Use resources to locate and evaluate appropriate information.
07     Self-select and independently read fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
08     Present information orally demonstrating consideration of audience and purpose.
09     Apply the rules of grammar, usage, punctuation, paragraphing, and spelling in various forms of writing.
10     Use the writing process (pre-write, write, revise/edit, rewrite, publish) to communicate.
11     Produce a descriptive writing sample on demand.
12     Use note taking, outlining, and summarizing strategies to record and present information.
13     Apply listening skills for a variety of purposes.
14     Participate and contribute to group discussions to acquire new knowledge.
15     Recognize and compare people from varied backgrounds and cultures


01     Read, write (in digits, words, and expanded form), round, order, and compare whole numbers, decimals and
02     Utilize estimation and the four operations to solve problems with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.
03     Select appropriate tools and demonstrate unit conversions within a system of measurement.
04     Identify, describe, compare, and classify geometric figures and apply procedures to determine perimeter, area, 
         and volume.
05     Collect, organize, interpret, and analyze data to draw conclusions and make predictions.
06     Develop and solve two-step equations using one variable.
07     Identify, develop, and apply strategies to solve problems using real-life situations.


01     Examine problems using scientific inquiry.
02     Integrate unifying concepts and processes in science experiences.
03     Investigate and describe properties of light and sound.
04     Investigate relationships among populations, resources, and hazards (both human and natural) within
05     Explore the processes and effects of weather and the water cycle on the earth.

Focus - Early Peoples to Constitution

01     CULTURE - Describe the elements of culture and its influence on American society.
02     HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY - Describe the contributions of individuals who have made a significant difference in
          U. S. history.
          Interpret and use information from maps and globes.
03     ECONOMICS - Explain the influence of economics on American society.
04     CITIZENSHIP/GOVERNMENT - Describe the structure and function of the U. S. government.