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 "I absolutely ENJOY teaching your child.  My hope is your child enjoys Art class as much as I LOVE to teach Art.  I want your child's face to light up with the excitement of exploration and creativity from what Art can bring to their lives.  I look forward to working with you and teaching your child this year."

Mrs. Woods, MEd, BSAE, AA, ESLc - Art Education Curriculum Spcecialist

Senora Woods, MEd, BSAE, AA, ESLc - Especialista en curriculo de educacion artistica 


About the Visual Arts Instructor

Mrs. Woods is the Visual Arts Education Curriculum Specialist and Web Designer at Bancroft Elementary School.  This is Mrs. Woods seventeenth year in Education.  

Woods has taught over 7000 students in the Omaha metropolitan area.   She teaches more than 620 students per week at Bancroft Elementary School. Woods combines her corporate background with her education background to create Visual Arts curricula. Woods' goal is to impart knowledge of business and the Visual Arts into her students to use throughout their lives.  She is a tireless mentor of youth and has personally mentored over 60 students who have participated in numerous local, regional, national and international competitions receiving awards, recognitions, fellowships, scholarships, as well as become productive citizens of their communities.

Woods has a MED as well as ESL and graduate coursework in business administration.  Mrs. Woods is married with two beautiful sons in college. 

If you have any questions for Mrs. Woods or about Omaha Public Schools Art Content Standards or Visual Arts curriculum, please feel free to call 402.344.7505 ext. 1117.

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